How do I place a custom order?

Orders for custom made outfits must be placed through our website.  Please fill out the Custom Outfit Order Form HERE to place your order.

How much do outfits cost?

Custom made outfits can really vary in price depending on what you want to order and the level of detail that is involved.  For example, if you want to order one bra in a simple basic design it will cost significantly less than if you want a full outfit with accessories and is in a very elaborate, detailed design.  We do work with all sorts of budgets and can easily tweak designs to match your needs and your wallet.  If you are placing a custom order and do have a budget, please let us know on the form so that we can create a design that will work for you.  

I saw an outfit that you posted on social media or in your gallery, but can't find it on your website. How can I order it? 

If you do not see the outfit you are looking for in our Shop section, then that means it is either sold out or it was custom made for another client.  If the item is currently sold out, it is best to contact us directly to see when it will be back in stock or if we can recreate something similar for you.  We do not ever duplicate exact replicas of outfits we have custom made for other clients.  However, we can use them as inspiration to create something that is similar, but still unique to you.  To inquire about having your own custom outfit made please fill out our Custom Outfit Order Form HERE.

How does payment for custom orders work?

For all orders we require full payment before we can start on the project.  We do offer payment plans if the order is placed in advanced and are very flexible with what type of payment plan is set-up.  We only ask that the full amount is paid before we can get started and that we are still allowed a few weeks for production time from when the last payment is made.

How far in advance should I place an order for a custom outfit?

Sooner is always better.  We require a minimum of 4-6 weeks for production (not including shipping time), however during high volume seasons such as Halloween or festival season for example we can book up sometimes two months in advance.  We do only take a limited number of custom orders at a time, so ordering as far in advance as you can is always a good idea. 

How long does it take to make an outfit?

We ask for 4-6 weeks for prodution, just to be on the safe side.  This allows for ample time to order your supplies and create a perfect piece for you.  We do work with shorter timelines upon request only.

I need an outfit to be made at the last minute, can you help me?

We do offer a Rush Order option for any orders needed within 3 weeks or less.  Rush Orders must be approved by VXN Designs management and will only be accepted if it is truly feasible.  Please contact us or choose the Rush Order option on the Custom Outfit Order Form, if you need your order within 3 weeks or less.  




What should I do if I am unsure about my sizing?

If you are unsure about what size to get or think you may be inbetween sizes contact us for advice, we are happy to help. If you are filling out an order form for a custom outfit please note on the form that you need help with sizing. 

How do I take my own measurements?

Taking your own measurements is actually much easier than most people think.  There are a ton of how-to videos on YouTube that can help you, such as this one: HOW TO TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS



Do you loan or rent costumes out?

No, at this time we do not loan or rent anything out.

Do you have a brand ambassador or sponsorship program?

No, at this time we do not.

How do you ship?

We primarily ship via USPS Priority Mail, which takes 2-5 days within the U.S. and a few weeks for International orders.  All Rush Orders are automatically upgraded to USPS Express Shipping.

What is your return/exchange policy?

At this time all sales are final.

How should I wash and care for my items?

Items should be hand washed gently and hung or laid flat to dry.  They are not meant to go in a washing machine and not meant to withstand the heat of a dryer or blowdryer.  Any fur we use is synthethic and should be gently hand washed with mild soap, hung to dry and then lightly brushed out.  Bodylights or any kind of electric pieces should not get wet.