About Us

Custom costume design, made for the Vixen in you.

VXN Designs provides ready to wear and custom made pieces.  Prepare to have you inner Vixen brought out through VXN Designs line of luxury ready to wear and custom made costumes, dancewear, rave wear, theme wear, lingerie and accessories.  The VXN Designs woman is certainly not afraid to be noticed and our pieces are the epitome of just that.  She is looking for one of a kind pieces that have impeccable design aesthetics that make her feel like she is the center of attention when she walks into any room.  She knows that she is unique and she wants a fabulous outfit to match her distinctive personality and style.  And that is exactly what we do.  We create beautiful, cutting edge pieces to match the beauty and individual styles of each of our clients. 

VXN Designs began in 2011 by Owner and Lead Designer Shannon Marie in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.  Shannon began making costumes for her own dance performances and after getting quite a bit of interest in her work, she knew she had a unique product.  Since its inception VXN Designs has grown to be internationally known, has been published in magazines, been sold in boutiques, worked with talent agencies and dressed worldwide performers, Playmates and reality TV stars. 

Most importantly though, VXN Designs has created countless outfits for young women, helping them to feel comfortable in their own skin.  To know that they are beautiful no matter what shape or size and they should never be afraid to embrace the beauty that they can call their own.  VXN Designs is not about putting women in skimpy outfits, it is about empowering women, giving them the confidence and encouragement they need to love themselves and their bodies, to take ownership of their own sexuality, and to find their voice and their inner Vixen.